About us

Roughneck-logo Hello All,

My name is Rahul rawat. I am a petroleum engineer and have worked at different posts in Oil industry Such as Assistant driller in a workover rig,then as drill log analyst and currently i am working as Mud logger with over 4 years of total experience in oil field. Apart from oil field i am also associated with a college and teaching as Guest faculty in Petroleum department.

All through my graduation years I found it hard to get petroleum related material online and also found it hard to get advice on non technical aspects of Oil field. Petroleumroughneck is a small effort in this direction.

Petroleumroughneck because Roughnecks are the main part of drilling crew who works on Rig floor. They are responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment on rig floor which is a really tough job. Petroleuroughneck is a small act to acknowledge all the hard work done by the oil field workers. Petroleumroughneck is a blog for knowledge sharing of petroleum, reservoir, drilling operation and practices, production, oil economics and everything related to oil field.

Through my blog I also want to welcome my audience to raise their queries regarding petroleum field , I will do my best to clear them.