Secondary kick indicators

Secondary Kick indicators also indicates signs of kick but are less sure and can be due to other reasons.
  • Drilling break:- Drilling break is the sudden increase in rate of penetration(ROP). Drilling break is generally associated with overpressured zones.Whenever an overpressured zone is encountered chip hold down effect is reduced due to which ROP increases.But drilling break may be observed due to formation change.
  • Gas cut Mud :-Gas cut mud is the drilling mud which contains gas from the formation. While drilling it is common to get gases after few hundred meters so the mud returning from hole will genrally contain gases.In case of gas kick , gas level will increase above background level and should be treated as signs of gas kick.But this increase in gas level can be due to other reasons:-
    • Drilling into gas bearing formation
    • Due to swabbing
  • Decrease in pump pressure:- Pump pressure is the total pressure loss in the circulating system.More losses in the circulating system means pumps have to work more and so the pump pressure will be higher.In case of kick, formation pressure is also pushing the mud, which means pumps have to work less and hence pump pressure will decrease.This decrease in pump pressure can be due to various other reasons:-
    • Loss of jet nozzel from the bit
    • Wahout in the drillstring
    • Twist off
If any sign of kick is observed operations are stopped and Flow check is carried out to make sure if the kick has taken place or not.