Flow check

Flow check is the process to check if the kick has taken place or not.During flow check other operations such as drilling,tripping and circulation are stopped and the well is monitored for flow through flowline or at the Trip Tank. Generally the flow check period will be 15 min (at least) but can last upto 30 min depending on well situation. Flow check is generally a routine procedure.

Flow check is carried out:-
  • after drilling every 500m (this depth is not constant and changes according to drilling plan)
  • may be carried out Every shift(day shift and night shift)
  • before pulling out after reaching target depth
Flow check can also be carried out when any Kick indicators(Primary indicatorsSecondary indicators) are identified.

Flow check Procedure:-

  1. stop all the operations at rig floor ( drilling, tripping and circulation)
  2. Pick up the drill string until a tool joint is just above the rotary table (this operation is called space out)
  3. observe the flowline or trip tank for returns
  4. if returns are observed at flowline, bop (blow out preventer) is shut, if returns are not observed that means well is under control (no kick has taken place) and the operations are resumed.