Know Your Crude- different type of crude oil benchmark

Crude from different locations have different properties (density, sulfur content) therefore different benchmark crude are made.
  • Western texas intermediate from U.S
  • Brent crude from North sea
  • Dubai crude
  • Bonny light from nigeria
  • Ural oil from Russia
Crude oil
These benchmark crudes tell us about the main product the crude oil gives for e.g WTI is ideal for producing low sulfur gasoline and low sulfur diesel. Based on the different properties prices of benchmark crudes are found.Crude with high API gravity(Light weight) and low sulfur(sweet) is more valuable as it requires less processing in the refinery.

Some main benchmark cudes are:-

  1. Western texas crude (WTI):- produced in U.S.A.It is light and sweet (low sulfur content).
  2. Brent Blend:- is the name given to the blend of crude from 15 different feilds from North sea.Its heavier and sour (high sulfur content) than WTI crude.
  3. OPEC crude:-is even more heavier and sour than brent crude hence requires more processing.


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